Vocational education

Chandler is a strong proponent of vocational education. No two children are the same. Likewise, no two children will have the same goals for their future and their vocation. Our current educational model forces children down a path to college. College is not for every child. Most children have decided by their sophomore year of high school, whether or not they want to go to college. To continue to push children down this path is wrong. We must offer children an alternative. The establishment of a vocational school in Maury County would do just that. This has been proven on a small scale at Mt Pleasant High School through its partnerships with local businesses. The need for electricians, carpenters, HVAC technicians, plumbers and tradesmen is at an all time high. We must meet this need in order for non college bound students to have a viable alternative. A great way to prevent student loan debt is to not encourage a child who doesn't want to go to college, to go to college.

Life Skills

One of the most important questions Chandler asked himself as he was exploring whether he wanted to run for school board was "what is the purpose of school?" He settled on "to prepare children to be successful adults." This means teaching them how to budget, how to change a tire, how to cook, how to navigate local government, how to control your emotions, how health insurance works and other basic life concepts. These skills are just as essential as the Pythagorean theorem, exponential equations and the works of Shakespeare. Chandler is a firm believer we must prepare children to survive in the day to day world in order to become productive citizens.

Supporting teachers' ability to teach independently

Chandler is a Family Nurse Practitioner who sees patients daily. He has been named Nurse Practitioner of the Year several times in Maury County. One of the reasons Chandler opened his clinics was his desire to practice independently. Too many times someone who had never treated a patient, attempted to dictate how patients were treated. Just as that is inappropriate for a healthcare setting, it is inappropriate in a classroom setting. Teachers are trained professionals who have demonstrated competency in their field of expertise. For too long those with no teaching experience have dictated to the experts (the teachers) what should be done in their classroom. Chandler is dedicated to making sure teachers have a voice on the school board and will advocate for their independent practice.

School safety

School Resource Officers are an invaluable asset to Maury County Public Schools. However, they should not be used to be the disciplinary force in schools. They are there to keep children, staff, and visitors safe. We must enable SROs to perform their duties without having to be the disciplinarians of the school. We must empower teachers and school administrators, through policy, to provide the safest environment for all kids. Chandler believes parents have the utmost responsibility for their child's behavior at school.

On August 1, 2024, vote for Chandler Anderson
for Maury County School Board – District Four

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